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Category: Anxiety

Hypnotherapy for Insomnia

Insomnia. Insomnia and sleep disorders can seriously affect a persons health and well being. If you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, hypnotherapy can help. Difficulty in sleeping can have a huge impact on the sufferer’s day-to-day functioning. If you are an insomnia sufferer you may experience the following symptoms: Fatigue Lack of concentration Foggy thinking Anxiety […]

IBS and Digestive Issues.

Hypnotherapy and Digestive problems. If you suffer from digestive problems then you will know just how debilitating they can be. Hypnotherapy has been scientifically proven to help with the treatment of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). In studies hypnotherapy has been shown to be significantly effective in 7 out of 10 people.  Some of the positive […]

Hypnotherapy and pain relief during childbirth

26th July 2017
Anxiety, Blogs, Hypnobirthing

 Hypnobirthing. Hypnotherapy and pain relief during childbirth. Childbirth is a rewarding yet often scary time in a woman’s life. There is the excitement of meeting your baby for the very first time. Then the fear of how the birth will go. Will it go to plan? How painful will it be? How long will it […]

Teenagers, Smartphones and Anxiety.

How often do you check your smartphone? Once a day? At break and lunchtime? Every hour? Every few minutes? Technology contributes to anxiety levels, especially in teenagers. In fact, it has been shown that when people are away from their phones and are unable to check for messages or social media updates, the adrenal gland […]