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Are your kids anxious about returning to school? Walkway Hypnotherapy can help.

Are your kids anxious about returning to school? If so, Hypnotherapy can help.

The summer holidays are nearly over, school uniforms are in the shops and back to school stationery is everywhere! Up and down the country many children will be starting to think about returning to school. Many will be excited at the thought of going back to new classes and meeting up with their friends. However, for some, the idea of returning to school is filled with dread and nervousness.

It is natural to feel a little anxious and apprehensive at the thought of returning to school after such a long break. However for some children it can be much more difficult. Those starting at a new school or those who have had problems in previous years at school, sometimes need extra help and support. Maybe they haven’t settled into a new school or have been bullied. Perhaps they are worried about fitting in and making new friends or the pressures of starting GCSE subjects or ‘A’ levels.

Coping Skills.

There are many positive ways to help your child cope. Just listening to their worries and letting them talk through what is bothering them is of tremendous benefit. When you know what is bothering them you can help them with strategies to manage any situations that arise. Focusing on the positive aspects of returning to school can also help. You could ask them for something they like about school.  Perhaps the school lunches are tasty or is there is an after school club your child likes? Quite often we are so focused on the negative aspects of what we are worried about, that we completely discount or forget about anything positive.

Starting a new school can be very daunting. As parents we are often anxious for our children. However, the more relaxed and confident you are, the more your child will realise that you have confidence in them to cope. This is very valuable for their self esteem and gives them the confidence to believe in their own abilities. If they see how calm you are they will feel more able to deal with their problems.

Sometimes children need a little more help.  Here at Walkway Hypnotherapy we use techniques that can help children cope with any difficulties they might come across. Hypnotherapy can provide huge benefits for children with anxiety and confidence issues. By accessing the subconscious mind hypnotherapy can break patterns associated with anxious thoughts and lack of self confidence. We can help your child build their confidence levels and employ coping strategies for them to use when they feel anxious or stressed.

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