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Hypnotherapy and pain relief during childbirth


Hypnotherapy and pain relief during childbirth.
Childbirth is a rewarding yet often scary time in a woman’s life. There is the excitement of meeting your baby for the very first time. Then the fear of how the birth will go. Will it go to plan? How painful will it be? How long will it last?
It has been placed very firmly in the human psyche that childbirth is painful. The stories most women hear when they are pregnant are horror stories. Often third or fourth hand that a friend of a friend endured a long, terrible birth! The more we believe that birth will be painful and unpleasant the more likely it is to be true. Woman expect the experience of giving birth to be difficult, so quite often it is.
Over the last few years there has been a shift from woman wanting an epidural and pain relief during childbirth to a mindset of natural childbirth.
One of the most popular and effective methods for pain relief is hypnobirthing. Hypnobirthing begins in the months before the baby is due. It involves the mother to be learning relaxation techniques, visualisations and self-hypnosis.

Tension and Oxytocin.

When we are fearful and afraid our muscles tense up. Fear increases adrenaline throughout the body – fight or flight! This in turn directs the blood in our bodies into our limbs and away from the organs. When giving birth this means taking blood away from the uterus, therefore it cannot work effectively and efficiently. The adrenaline affects the endorphins which in turn slow oxytocin release meaning a prolonged labour.
If the body is relaxed everything changes! Though hypnosis and relaxation techniques the whole process of giving birth is made manageable. It can help to control the pain, reduce anxiety and also help to shorten the duration of the first stage of labour.
Sometimes births do not go to plan, however the tools that are acquired help to retain a sense of calmness and control. Hypnobirthing can be used whether Mum chooses to give birth at home or in a hospital.

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